Monday, August 2, 2010

Vaginal Skin Tags

No one is comfortable to discuss vaginal skin tags especially in social gatherings. This may also be the reason why some individuals suffering from vaginal skin tags hesitate to consult their doctors about their problem.

What are vaginal skin tags? These are benign skin outgrowths which are non cancerous. To put it simply, vaginal skin tags are not dangerous. There is no need to remove them but since the skin tags are unpleasant to look at, most women who have them are quite problematic because they want to get rid of the vaginal skin tags. The skin tags are bothersome but by visiting your gynecologist, you can have them removed in one sitting. You don’t have to spend several days in the clinic or hospital because in a couple of hours, you can already return home. Local anesthetic may be enough although in some cases general anesthetic is employed. The gynecologist will be the one to decide which anesthetic to use.

Since vaginal skin tags are located in a very sensitive area, some women decide not to remove it. They don’t want to consult doctors about their condition because they are embarrassed about it. However, you need to check on the skin tags every now and then. Even the skin tags change in size and became larger, you have to see a doctor immediately because you might have cancerous skin tags; practice observation so that there’ll be no surprises in the future.

Have you ever taken a good look at the vaginal skin tags? If you’re observant, you will notice that the skin tags are likely to swell during menstruation periods; the evident reason is because of the hormonal changes during this stage. But don’t worry because the skin tags won’t burst. After the menstruation period, the skin tags will shrink again.

Occasionally, skin tags aren’t painful but when it is twisted, it becomes tender and a bit painful. For instance, when the skin tag snags on your underwear or it rubs against adjoining skin, you will feel pain. If the pain happens almost all the time, perhaps it’s a good idea to remove the skin tags. You will need to prepare your own money because even if you have insurance, cosmetic surgery is not covered. You will need to pay the whole bill from your own pockets. Cosmetic surgery is a bit expensive but if it’s for your comfort, you will not hesitate to remove the vaginal skin tags.

Skin tags can be snipped or cut off but since the skin lesions are located in a very sensitive area, you won’t be able to cut it off. You will need expert help from your gynecologist or your doctor. If the vaginal skin tags are giving you too much discomfort and pain, you must decide now and have them removed. Again, remember to prepare a huge amount because it can be quite costly.

Vaginal skin tags can’t be seen but most women who have them want them removed at once. In today’s times, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it; besides, only your doctor and you know the secret. Contact your doctor or gynecologist now and decide which method to use. No one will know that you previously had skin tags in the vaginal area, even your partner. Schedule an appointment with your doctor now.

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